A few Thrills, A Bag of Chills & A Cool New Indie Author

Today I’m talking with Ashley Fontainne, author of Accountable to None and Zero Balance. Ashley hangs out online at her blog (http://ramblingsofamadsouthernwoman.blogspot.com/), on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Accountable-to-None/199466916762750) and on Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/AshleyFontainne).

Hi there Ashley Fontainne, please tell me a bit about yourself.

Thank you for hosting, Robert!  I am a first time author, self-published through Amazon for Kindle and CreateSpace for trade paperback.  Accountable to None, the first in my “Eviscerating the Snake” series, is a suspense/thriller set inside a large, fictional accounting firm in Phoenix, Arizona.

The premise of the first novel is strictly revenge.  One woman’s five-year struggle to seek vengeance against not only her rapist but also the others in power that quietly looked the other way. 

In Zero Balance, I explore the side rarely seen in a typical revenge genre: the reciprocal cycle of revenge.  For once started, where does it end?
Zero Balance was published by World Castle Publishing, which I recently signed with.

Where can people get your books?
Accountable to None is exclusively available for Kindle users here and the trade paperback is available here.

For Kindle, Zero Balance is available here.

What motivated you to publish now? 
Although the story in Accountable to None is raw and visceral, the core of the story strikes home with many readers, tapping in to the darker, animalistic side that each of us posses.  When living through the heroine’s experiences, you find yourself wondering, “what would I do?”

In the book, who is your favourite character?
The heroine, Audra Tanner.  Bent, but not broken, she is like a delicate willow that remains strong while the hurricane raging around her tries to tear her apart.

Straight to the point answers, I like that... I'm thinking you've done interviews before... :-)

What’s your favorite indie book that you’ve read in the past 12 months?

The Mission: Remnants of the Past by Bill Talcott.  Normally, I never read sci-fi, but I absolutely loved the premise of this book, the flow of the story, and the depth of the characters. 

You and Bill got this thing going. should I be jealous... Okay, seriously though, what’s your favorite book of all time?

Hands down, The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas: it is what inspired me to pen Accountable to None.

Any advice for new writers?

Do not give up!  I am 44 years old and just starting out!  Learn to take the criticism and instead of skulking off and licking the wounds inflicted, smile and use it to your advantage!  And remember, you won’t appreciate the five star reviews near as much unless you have some one stars!

I like that advice--I've lived it. What’s next for you?

I'm working on telling the world about Accountable to None and  Zero Balance for now. Then who knows? I'm doing blog talk radio and others things.
And another book, of course?

[Smiles] Absolutely.
Anything else you’d like to tell us?

I would like to thank you, Robert, for your time and graciousness spent with this newbie!

Thank you, Ashley, it's been great speaking with you--and readers don't miss my follow up post, where I take a closer look at Ashley's books. It'll be live at Around the Town Books later this week.


Digital Book Creation Tools -- Tools for Publishing Your Books & Digital Media

I've discovered many terrific creator tools for authoring books and apps for digital media and included links below. Hope you find it helpful.

(Instead of reposting the contents to your blog, group, etc. please link to this post. Thanks!)

--Robert Stanek

Amazon ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.

Kindle Format 8 is here officially (though it was released with Kindle Fire to the big publishers). KF8 supports HTML5 and CSS3 which means you can do amazing things that you never could before.

Read about it here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html/ref=amb_link_359605322_1?ie=UTF8&docId=1000729511

Get the graphic previewer here: http://amzn.to/xq9iG1

Get the command-line tool here: http://amzn.to/zxJrSJ

Get the Adobe In-Design plug-in here: http://amzn.to/ztd3x8

Apple ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.

iBooks Author (http://www.apple.com/?ibooks-author/) allows you to author ebooks for iPad with interactive elements, video, audio, and more. Only available for Mac. It's a free app, but the license is restrictive (read carefully).

A clause in the license agreement states:

If you charge a fee for any book or other work you generate using this software (a “Work”), you may only sell or distribute such Work through Apple (e.g., through the iBookstore) and such distribution will be subject to a separate agreement with Apple.

What it means:

If your book isn't free, you must sell it in iBookstore.

A clause in the license agreement states:

“Apple will not be responsible for any costs, expenses, damages, losses (including without limitation lost business opportunities or lost profits) or other liabilities you may incur as a result of your use of this Apple Software, including without limitation the fact that your Work may not be selected for distribution by Apple.”

What it means:

Apple has the right to reject your app and not sell it. You have no recourse.

Android ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.

Create books and apps for Android Smart Phones


Barnes & Noble ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.

Create books and apps for Barnes & Noble devices.


Others  ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.

More creation tools for you to try. Many are for creating apps for digital media.

Appmakr http://www.appmakr.com/

Blurb Mobile http://www.blurb.com/mobile

Demibooks Composer http://demibooks.com/composer/

Genwi http://genwi.com/

Hype http://tumultco.com/hype/

Red Jumper's Book Creator http://www.redjumper.net/bookcreator/

Interactive Touch Books http://www.interactivetouchbooks.com/

Leanpub http://leanpub.com/

Moglue http://www.moglue.com/

My App Builder http://myappbuilder.com/

Pandamian http://www.pandamian.com/

Polyvore Editor http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/app

PressBooks http://pressbooks.com/wp-signup.php

Red Foundry http://www.redfoundry.com/

Storify http://storify.com/

Toontastic http://launchpadtoys.com/toontastic/

Webdoc http://www.webdoc.com/


Big Indie Meet & Greet -- Discover Indie Authors from All Over the World

Today, I'm doing something different. Recently at Go Indie on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/goindie/) I asked new members to introduce themselves and their work. What follows is the result. To me, it reads like a viral interview and does a terrific job of introducing many indie authors and their work. I hope you agree.

Robert Stanek We have many new members and I hope you'll take a moment to introduce yourself  and share about your writing.

Robert Stanek ‎Billie, Joyce, Tracie, Brian, Candace, Ashley, William, Jesse -- hope you'll get us started!

Tracie Mcbride Hello! I'm a New Zealander by birth, Australian by residence, and have been writing short stories for several years. Most of my work is dark speculative fiction. 2012 is my year for testing the waters as an independent author (and also the year I promised myself I would start work on my debut novel).

Robert Stanek Thanks, Tracie. I know a few writers from Oz. It's a good year to test the waters, but you missed the peak pre-holiday to post-holiday season.

Chynna Laird ‎::waves:: Hi! I'm Chynna. I'm a freelance writer/author living in Edmonton (Canada). I have a children's picture book, two YA books, an adult thriller/suspense and two memoirs out there. My fav genre to write in is Middle Grade/YA. I'm hoping to connect with other writers. OH! And I love Ringo Starr. (LOL!)

Grace Guerra Welcome Jesse Leigh Murray and Tracie Mcbride.

Robert Stanek Thanks, Chynna. That's quite a line up! Wonderful that indie makes it possible for us to break single-genre traditions. Go Ringo!

Grace Guerra BTW Jesse Leigh Murray, Tracie Mcbride and Robert Stanek are part of the Book Junkies Library...come check them out at http://​http://www.book-junkies-library.com/​authors.php

Joyce Faulkner Hi everyone, I'm the author of lots of books...my novel, "In the Shadow of Suribachi" (which is about the Battle of Iwo Jima) received the Gold Medal for Historical Fiction from Military Writers Society of America in 2006. My newest novel is a thriller called "USERNAME" which is about an aging serial killer who finds his victims online and an identity thief who finds her victims online and they confront each other (It's SCARY because I began researching it when a college acquaintance was taken by a serial killer in 1975 -- they just did a show on her case on Nightmare Next Door.)

I've also written a couple of collections of short fiction - "Losing Patience" and "Chance ... and Other Horrors." I have two non-fiction books with my writing partner Pat McGrath Avery "Sunchon Tunnel Massacre Survivors" and "Role Call: Women's Voices." I am currently the President of Military Writers Society of America (www.militarywriters.com) You can find most of my books on Amazon and several are in Kindle format. Nice to meet everyone. :)

Military Writers Society of America | Saving history one story at a time

Robert Stanek Thanks, Joyce! Quite a collection of books--fantastic. Great to have you on Go Indie. Brianna was just talking about Woman 2 Woman magazine below and her efforts to conquer hurt.

Billie Sue Mosiman I write a lot of stuff. I wrote several suspense novels but at the same time I was writing and publishing dozens of horror stories. My interest is in the psychology of the human mind. What makes us do the things we do and how do those things affect not only us, but those around us? Fascinates me. I love great writing and champion any of it I can find. I do the best I can, always trying to improve.

Writing has been my life (along with my family) since I was a child. I love doing it, I love sharing it, and I love other readers like myself who realize that books and stories are something we need to make sense of our world and our lives. In other words, I'm a clown. Kidding. Maybe I take fiction too seriously because I think it's important and those of us who do it are fortunate and we're obligated, too--to entertain, electrify, edify, and give it all we've got.

William Talcott Bill or William here. My book The Mission is the first book I have had the pleasure of Publishing. I am currently working on the prequel to it and hope to have it done in March. I have a project coming up that I am excited about. I'm hoping to be able to finish with that one by Christmas. Seems like a good time to wrap a project up.

I also have ideas and notes for the third book in the series I'm currently working on. I live in the fine state of Michigan if that means anything to anyone. To me it means that it will be cold tonight and because I have a lofty heating bill to pay, you should all go to Amazon and buy a copy of my book. If not, I'll have to start burning them for fuel and where is the Dark Truth in that!

L.a. Sherman I'm LA Sherman (aka Luky Ali), and am a Bangladeshi author living in Tampa, FL. I was born in Bangladesh during the liberation war (shh, don't tell anyone my age) in 1971 but grew up in the UK. When I was 14, my parents took me from Bradford, England to Bangladesh and married me off to a man old enough to be my father. After 4yrs there with a wicked mother in law, not to mention an old husband, I won the visa lottery for America, moved to NY and spent about 10yrs there before going to Jersey and now FL.

Currently, I have one book out, my memoir called Bengali Girls Don't, the true story of my forced marriage at 15 and my stuggle to get out of it. I'm working on a second book right now, a novel called The Mourning Of Karl Hankensten.

Other things about me...by marriage I'm related to to General William Tecumseh Sherman, Civil War hero; Roger Sherman, signer of the Declaration of Independance; General Sydney Sherman, the first person known to have said, "Remember the Alamo!, and Stuart P. Sherman, the famous writer and critic of Henry Louis Mencken.

Ashley Fontainne Sorry I am late to the party! Robert, thanks for the invitation to gab. My name is Ashley, and I write in the genre of suspense/thrillers. I have two novels out right now, both part of a series entitled Eviscerating the Snake. The third and final one I am currently working on.

Last April, I published the first book myself, and after a modicum of success, I am now with World Castle Publishing, who put out my second book. For me, writing is something I love to share with others, to make them think and hopefully examine their own life in terms of how they relate with others.

Doreen Mcgettigan My name is Doreen Mcgettigan. I am the author of BRISTOL bOYZ STOMP [November 2011] It is the true story of the random beating death of my brother, musician David Albert. http://​www.doreenmcgettigan.com/

Brianna Headen I wrote my first book called "The Road to Glory" in 2010. My second "Small Town Preaching" is set to come out end of February. I love to write stories that will inspire women.

Brian Talgo I’m very late to the party but hope I have a good excuse; I’m living in a 6 hours + different time zone than most of you.

Born in the deep South, Wonderbread years spent as a Yankee in New York (probably only Boomers will get the Wonderbread reference), then back to the South at the age of 17, this time a bit more urban: Atlanta, Ga. In the early 80’s I got a wild hair and moved to Europe, where I have been living ever since (presently Oslo, Norway, but also Vienna, Austria).

My first book, The Beauregarde Affair, was published December, 2011 by Indie press PfoxChase, and is now available on Amazon and B&N in both POD and .mobi form: http://amzn.com/1936827727

As the subtitle states; *Snakes and Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll*, just so you know where that particular book is coming from. Otherwise I am involved in multiple projects, some of which I hope to bring to fruition in the course of 2012.

In addition to the written world I like to fool around with the visual arts, some of the results of which can be experienced here: http://​www.sonofincog.blogspot.com​/

Robert Stanek You're welcome, Ashley! Great meeting all the new members and learning about new books. Others, want to introduce yourself too? Dan, Karen, Joanna, Candace, Anna, Will, Christine, Ritesh, Istvan?

Aunt T Pathfinder Hi robert and all :) I do have one book published, but it's a spiritual self help book I never saw a penny from :( ah well...my present work is nearly ready to go to Kindle and then to createspace :) here's my book trailers :) hope you find it intriguing :) http://youtu.be/​4hziIDK8qNI

Candace George Thompson Greetings, all. I see a couple familiar names on this list. I've written about my parents' military marriage: "Rex and Bettie, Still Having Fun, 1941-2007." I'm about to start looking for a publisher for what I hope is an entertaining, educational and inspiring read. My author page is at https://www.facebook.com/https://www.facebook.com/​pages/​Candace-George-Thompson/​334177626603328

Karen Docter Hi, everyone. I've been MIA for a while working on getting my debut contemporary romance ready to go. Satin Pleasures should be out Valentine's Day! Yay! Still have some work to do on it, I started teaching my 4-week plotting workshop on Monday, and I'm dying to get back to my romantic suspense novels.

Of course, I'll be dead if my serial killer doesn't get his story out. He's getting quite impatient! LOL But needed to drop in and say "Hi" and Robert's post gave me a place to chat. Looking forward to hearing about everyone's projects!

Robert Stanek Why Betty Dravis you haven't chimed in yet! :-)

Dan Mader I am JD. My latest novel, The Biker, is hot off the Kindle. I write and write and sleep and write. And sometimes I attack in red and black. I roll with the IndiesUnlimited crew and try to help people as much as I can and still pay my rent. http://www.amazon.com/​JD-Mader/e/B005C22VJY/​ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_1

Valerie Douglas Hi, I'm Valerie Douglas, I write just about anything http://www.amazon.com/​Valerie-Douglas/e/​B0036POJZI/​ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1 as you can tell, but primarily fantasy. This month though my romance novels, and my alter ego V. J. Devereaux http://www.amazon.com/​V.-J.-Devereaux/e/​B0036PR9OQ/​ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1, comes out to play.

Sherry Lands Jones Hello, I'm Sherry. I write romance, Tears of Betrayal, The Scars Between Us, under the pen name of Sherry A. Burton. I am currently working on six manuscripts, and have just started working on with an illustrator to bring my seven children's picture books to life.

Lisa Vaughn Hey gang! I'm Lisa Vaughn, artist/author that self-pubbed my debut memoir, The Gifted Ones last April. It's a true story that I held hostage inside my head for 30+ years & finally decided now is the time to share, because unfortunately I am still asking the same ? I did in the 70's...

'How can loving someone EVER be wrong?'. I'm just a chick with a story, everyone has one..this just happens to be mine. Hope you'll check it out. http://​www.thegiftedonesmemoir.blo​gspot.com/ I'm always here to help promo my fellow indie peeps, coz we all know indie rocks! :D 'Art is what puts color into the world'

Tasha Turner I'm Tasha Turner (pen name and professional persona) in day to day known as Tasha Lennhoff or Malka Esther. I'm writing my 1st 2 works of fiction - a short funny vamp story for the Gage project and a The Satmar Vampirel based on jewish vampire mythology with a co-author the release date keeps changing as I'm also starting up a Socal Media coaching business after consulting for 4 months to help a new publishing firm get off the ground. I have a chronic fatigue problem that forced me to quit working over 10 years ago and I've just started coming out of my brain fog. I am married and have 1 cat who says that I'm not as good a slave as I used to be now that I'm getting better and starting to work again.

Candace George Thompson It all sounds, fascinating, Tasha, especially Jewish vampire mythology! Who knew?!

Tasha Turner Very few people knew from what I can tell. Almost all the info seems to be in a few paragraphs in a hebrew book that I have a friend translating for me as there seems to be some controversy around the translations so I've decided my friends translations will be my "source".

Brian Talgo Lol @Tasha; fellow cat slave understands your predicament.

Brian Talgo Jewish vampire? Is that Kosher?

Robert Stanek Kosher + vampires.... Wow, that's something I never thought of.

Janet Young Beasley Hello everyone! My name is Janet Beasley. I have enjoyed checking out all of your wonderful posts above. I'm an epic fantasy author who has been writing the six novel series titled Hidden Earth. Volume 1 Maycly (a three part novel) is slated for release February 26th...and to top it off that's my birthday so we're havin' a party!!

I am currently offering pre-orders for personally autographed copies. This will be a collectors edition with future plans already on the drawing board. For more details, or to pre-order your autographed copy, I'd like to invite you to visit my website: http://​www.hiddenearthseries.com/​ Have a stellar evening!

Denise Brown Hello all, I am May December Publications. I am also the wife of author Todd Brown of the Zomblog series and the Dead series.

Christine Sutton Hi!!! I am the author several short stories and Novellas. I write mostly what you might call psychological horror. I have a trilogy of twisted fairy tales called, Red, Snow and Let Me Come In, which follow the life of a woman named Kayla Burkheart. I also write about monsters, human and inhuman. :) Please feel free to check out my amazon author page and learn a little more about me through my work :) Thanks and nice to meet you all! http://www.amazon.com/​Christine-Sutton/e/​B005NNAKAE :)

Todd Brown Hi all...I do the whole zombie writing thing, but am also branching out into mainstream with a couple of titles this year...Dakota being the first. http://www.amazon.com/​TW-Brown/e/B00363NQI6

Kat Yares Hi all...I write mostly psychological horror and thrillers with a bit of the supernatural thrown in for fun. Hope to have at least six new titles out this year. http://www.amazon.com/​Kat-Yares/e/B002O6QCGE/​ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_1

Anna Manning Hi. I write mostly non-fiction. My latest is my memoir about being a thirteen year old mother, raising my child in an environment of abuse and violence, and more than overcoming it. Even my son turned out quite successful! The Leroy Tree is the first in a series of memoirs. It has been compared to Bastard out of Carolina and Why the Caged Bird Sings.

The writing has been described as "flawless." Please read the first chapter; it is available on Amazon.com in both trade paperback and Kindle. I also have self-help book on weight loss and another on relationships. See www.annamanning.com and check out my publications. All three are on the Publications page. Thanks for your support.

Robert Stanek Really great reading more about everyone's writing endeavours.