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Summer of Indie, Last Call with Robert Stanek

Summer of Indie is coming to a close. It’s been a long run… and a lot of hours to put together, keep running, and spread the word to help make it a success.

For authors who are featured, I hope the event helped introduce your work to new readers and your fellow authors as well. Awareness of an author and his or her books is important and it can help your long-term sales and success. Getting to know fellow indie authors is just as important. It’s a big world out there. There are many authors who may have similar interests to your own and it’s good to get to know them, even if only through their work and these pages.

For readers who have visited (and will visit) these pages, I thank you. I hope you’ve enjoyed the features presented throughout Summer of Indie and I know you’ve checked out some of the many books presented because I’ve seen the results. On average about 175 people tuned in each day and overall the event has brought in about 16,000 page views so far. That kind of success makes all the hard work worth it.

For me Summer of Indie was a dream—a dream I brought to life as another way to help other authors and introduce readers to new authors, new books, and new ideas. I think the time spent was well worth it. Best of all, these pages and features will remain available and they can help introduce readers to the authors and books featured here for a long time to come.

Reading this, you may wonder what’s ahead. To that, I say stay tuned. There's much ahead including some Best Of Summer of Indie Picks, Guest Posts and I hope eventually, posts from my next book on writing: Enduring Writing (tentative title). Think of it as a follow up to my book Effective Writing, the little book read by more readers than I ever imagined possible since it was first released in audio so many years ago. It's not Strunk and White's The Elements of Style, but like that other diminutive book it has legs. I hope Enduring Writing will have legs too.

In the mean time, continue to dream and while you're dreaming dream BIG. I know I am, and I know Buster is too because so many readers have read or listened to his adventures. Who knew stories about a little bug and his friends would garner so much interest and start to become so beloved. Just goes to show you that anything's possible when you dream BIG.

Finally, whether this is your first visit to Go Indie - Read Indies or you've been following Summer of Indie from the beginning, I hope you'll pick up some of the books by the many authors featured here. Who knows, maybe you'll also pick up a few books by that Robert Stanek guy too. 

Buster sure hope's so, and he's off exploring the Solar System just in case...

Thank you for reading! Please bookmark Go Indie - Read Indies and check back in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

-- Robert Stanek

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