2nd Annual BIG Read for the Holidays & Beyond: The Great BIG Book Preview

Hi, readers and authors. Welcome to the 2nd Annual BIG Read for the Holidays & Beyond: The Great BIG Book Preview!

For those who don't know me, I'm Robert Stanek and I've been a professionally published author since 1995 and an indie published author since 2001. You may have seen me on CNN, heard me talk on NPR, or read about my books in industry publications like VOYA, BookWire, Children's Writer, Children's Bookshelf, Library Journal, School Library Journal, or Publisher’s Weekly.

I've been a strong supporter of my fellow authors ever since my first book was published in 1995. Back then, I supported writers through Writer's Gallery, Internet Daily News, and Internet Job Center (archives at http://www.tvpress.com/).

In 2007, I launched Go Indie to support independent authors, independent publishers, and independent bookstores. Go Indie has evolved into: Go Indie On Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/goindie/), Free Today on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/freetoday/), Read Indies on Blogspot (http://readindies.blogspot.com/), Read Indies on Goodreads (http://www.goodreads.com/group/show/88011-read-indies---discover-the-best-in-indie-publishing), and Novel Writers on Google+ (https://plus.google.com/communities/103231535941872424616?partnerid=gplp0). All of which I created and host.

This year for the second year in a row, I hosted the Holiday Read Indies Book event. Last year's event was a huge success and the event post has been read by over 3000 people since December 2012 (http://readindies.blogspot.ca/2012/12/great-big-book-preview-for-holidays.html).

This year’s event was such a success it can’t be contained in just one post, so I’ve organized the event posts into a series of posts, of which this is the first. Hope you find some great reads for the holidays and beyond!

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Thanks for reading,

Robert Stanek


If you like fantasy novels or know someone who does, I hope you'll spread the word about my Ruin Mist books, including The Kingdoms and the Elves of the Reaches, In the Service of Dragons, Dragons of the Hundred Worlds, and Guardians of the Dragon Realms.

*Featured authors in this post include: Emily Asimov, Shannon Hale, Les Mac, Kimberly Golden Malmgren, John Cassian, Izzibella Beau, Cliff Ball, Sharon Miner, James C Wallace, Danielle Rose-West, Brenda Perlin, Ruth Doner O'neil, James Dibenedetto, Gladys Quintal, Nell Dixon, Amy Pointer, Mary Ann Bernal, Jackie Rehn Barreau, John Murray Mckay, and Ernie Laurence.

Image of Emily Asimov
Emily Asimov

Emily Asimov grew up with books. Libraries raised her. When she was ten, Emily discovered the writings of her grandfather and started dreaming of being a writer one day. She read every fantasy and science fiction book she could find. Although she never stopped writing, somewhere along the way she lost the writer's dream and the very idea of being a writer one day faded away. At least until, Emily found her voice again and was encouraged by friends to share her writing for others to enjoy.

As a life-long fan of all things science fiction, Emily's goal is to write and publish sci-fi adventures for all ages. The characters in her Star Chasers books explore the vast reaches of the galactic empire controlled by the Order of Eight. One of the main characters in the Star Chasers books is Ty, an outcast and a rebel who is on the run from the Order. Ty has two fatal flaws: He truly cares about others and he's falling in love with a girl who may be his undoing.

Torn: Star Chasers #1 is Emily's debut novel.
"Torn": Star Chasers (Volume 1)

Product Details

Image of Shannon Hale

 I'm Shannon Hale, a mother of two beautiful boys and one baby girl, who are the lights of my life. After being laid off a few years ago from my job as a teacher, I decided to see if I could get my books for children published. It was a long search and hard work, I she was finally able to get several of my books published. I hope to be able to continue writing and get more of my books published. My books are:

Product Details
Product Details
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Product Details

Product Details


Hollywood's Unhappiest Endings: Legends Never Die Updated
Hollywood...where dreams can become reality and also be shattered just as quickly. Hollywood has so many stories to tell and, unfortunately, so many of them do not have happy endings. From Marilyn Monroe to posthumous Oscar winner Heath Ledger, this book lays bare some of the myths and gets to the heart of some of Hollywood's Unhappiest Endings.

    Looking for a fun holiday love story with lots of snow? Then get to know Mia and Jake in Snowbound. https://www.smore.com/uhvv-start-the-holidays-with-snowbound

    Start the holidays with Snowbound
    Meet Mia Wilkinson. Mia Wilkinson doesn't feel very thankful right now, despite it being Thanksgiving. She's just found out her married boyfriend has no intention of leaving his wife.


      BODIES: Book #1: Staged Fright - A Mystery-Suspense Thriller
      BODIES is a quirky new murder-mystery series that's equal parts HBO's "Big Love" and "NCIS."You've seen cop shows. Now imagine three members of the same investigative team get into a threesome and decide to keep it going as a long-term three-way relationship. Throw in a bioterror threat and a quirky family drama, and you've got BODIES.

        YA with five star reviews and over 500 pages of romance, humor, and drama all for $2.99. Broken: Book One of the Assumptions Series http://www.amazon.com/Broken-Book-One-Assumptions-Series-ebook/dp/B00FYSW04M/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1384689053&sr=8-1&keywords=izzibella+beau

        Broken: Book One in the Assumptions Series
        Fate lands Ayma and Colton together in the senior year. Ayma is from a rich community, member of the geek squad, and an easy target for the popular kids at her school. Colton was and is the guy all the girls want and who the other guys in school want to be like. After spending two years in a juvenile prison, he is back at Bay Shore for his senior year.

            Cliff Ball
            This is the story of alternate timelines, partial political thriller, and time travel, where things go wrong as events do not play out as planned and numerous cases of unintended consequences result from the multiple attempts at fixing the timeline.

            Borrow it for free if you're a Prime Member or buy it for $4.99 on Kindle.


            Beyond the New Frontier (New Frontier Series)
            In this combination of the novels New Frontier and Final Frontier, this is the story of alternate timelines, partial political thriller, and time travel, where things go wrong as events do not play out as planned and numerous cases of unintended consequences result from the multiple attempts at fixing the timeline.

                James C. Wallace II
                Just in time for the upcoming holiday season comes the perfect gift of reading for any fan of the Wizard of Oz; the story of the Emerald Slippers of Oz.

                Now available at Amazon, this story, complete with an introduction by Roger Baum, great grandson of L. Frank Baum; author of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, will delight and enchant young and old alike and includes the stunning artwork of John R. Neill, legendary illustrator of L. Frank Baum's Land of Oz books.

                When Dorothy asks Ugu the Shoemaker to make a pair of Emerald Slippers for Princess Ozma's birthday, more than a couple of former witches and wizards take note and do their best to steal them for their own Evil means. Can Pacifico, the bare foot cobbler's apprentice save the day in time for Her Majesty's grand birthday celebration? And will the Queen of the Field Mice come to the rescue? Only Dorothy Gale of Kansas knows for sure...


                I am thrilled to be a part of this event. A massive thank you to Robert Stanek for inviting me! I have just released the first in my new series, Haunted by the Past. The book is called Hidden in Shadows and is a romantic mystery suspense with a paranormal twist. It is available on Amazon in both kindle and print editions.

                  Book synopsis:

                   When she buys an old Georgian house, Jenna Mansfield thinks it’s the answer to all her prayers. She can start afresh away from her over protective family and the tragedy that led her to a nervous breakdown several years before. Ignoring the house’s reputation for being haunted, Jenna moves to Cornwall with high hopes for her future. The sexy builder she hires to renovate her new home captures her interest, but when strange events start taking place around her and rumours reach her ears, she is left wondering if her builder is harbouring a secret.
                   Kyle Tanner is furious when the house he wanted to buy and renovate to further his small building firm, slips through his fingers for the second time. He doesn’t expect the new owner to be interested in taking him on for the work, but she surprises him in more ways than one. Deeply attracted to his new employer, Kyle fights hard against the unwanted feelings she stirs in him and then the trouble begins.
                   Kyle and Jenna find themselves swept up in the mystery that surrounds Millington House and its ghostly residents. The past won’t stay silent and someone with a deadly secret lurks in the shadows. As events unfold, Jenna finds herself the target of a crazed killer. Can they uncover the truth before time runs out or will the past be forever hidden in shadows?

                   You can view the trailer for this book at: 

                    Book two in The Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles the drama continues…Oh and this book is bargain priced at 99¢ for it's recent release!

                    "Bo and Brooklyn’s relationship is tested while Bo’s soon-to-be-ex wife continues to try to hold on for dear life. Will she be able to break them up. Will Bo’s ongoing divorce battle ever come to an end? Will Brooklyn and Bo survive, or will all be lost to a bitter woman?"


                      I have two books available in my Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles which is a trilogy. The first book Home Wrecker I is a coming of age story that is sure to knock your socks off… http://bit.ly/17O4XQY

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                          Karin is a woman with a past. About the time she thinks no one will ever know, it comes back to haunt her in full force. The deeper she tries to push it away the more prominently it returns. Forgiveness is a word that isn’t in her vocabulary as far as the people from her past are concerned. She thinks she's fine until someone from her past shows up unexpectedly forcing her to think about what happened. With the help of her family and other people around her she realizes that she must learn to forgive, even if forgiveness wasn't asked of her. http://www.amazon.com/Come-Eat-My-Table-ebook/dp/B00BUUPW5M/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1366635822&sr=8-1&keywords=come+eat+at+my+table

                          Come Eat at My Table
                          Karin Miller has a need to feed everyone. One ofher twin daughters always teases her about it, whilethe other daughter, Faith, realizes there’s more to itthan meets the eye. Faith’s suspicions are confirmed when she is assigned a project in school that forces Karin to talk about her past.

                            My Dream Series (not to be confused with Gladys Quintal's Dream Series!) has five books and a short story out so far, with another book in the works right now.
                             My series follows Sara Barnes, a seemingly ordinary college student, only concerned with final exams, applying to medical school, buying Christmas gifts for her friends and family, and figuring out what do do about the freshman in the next dorm over who's got a crush on her.
                             And then the dreams start. It's not long before Sara realizes that they're not just dreams, and they aren't even hers...
                             As the books continue, Sara goes from college student to med student to full-fledged doctor; and she has to deal with the hunt for a serial killer; a murder mystery among her med school teachers; a corrupt politician and a mobster, and much more...
                            Dream Student (Dreams, book 1)

                            Dream Student (Dreams, book 1)

                              I have 3 books out in The Dream Series at the moment (the fourth one will be released on Dec 1st). They are in the Paranormal Romance genre, about a vigilante vampire that kills rapists and child molesters. They do contain some unsettling and horror scenes. I also have 2 non-fiction books out. One is titled "Life After Hell: Surviving Sexual Abuse and is my autobiography and the other is called "Why Won't Someone Help Me? and is about finding a diagnosis and treatment for invisible illnesses.


                                ‘A sweet and emotional tale about two damaged hearts who are able to find solace in each other. Strongly recommended! ‘ 5* review A modern day Beauty and the Beast seasonal romance.

                                Christmas Ever After
                                Lady Charlotte ‘Lottie’ Bellhavan is dubbed the runaway bride after calling off her wedding on the eve of her marriage just a week before Christmas. Her best friend, Sophie has the perfect hideout for the beleaguered society belle, her childhood home, Tything Manor.



                                      Now also available as paperback!

                                        Love urban fantasy? Or perhaps you're looking for a less conventional take on 'forbidden romance'? Action, suspense, romance, the supernatural - The Forsaken Ones has everything you're looking for to sate your appetite for fantasy; and its at a bargain price too...Find out why it has multiple five star reviews!

                                        The Forsaken Ones
                                        The Forsaken are the ones that Heaven has swept under the carpet. Those who fail to chose a side, and those who chose the wrong one. Nathaniel is Forsaken, he has been for a very long time, and frankly, he is bored. So when he hears of another battle approaching, he decides it's time to choose.

                                            Follow me on twitter @Pointer_AG where I ramble about things like books and pretty much anything.

                                              In addition to The Briton and the Dane trilogy, I have also published The Briton and the Dane: Concordia, one of the characters from the series who demanded her own book. Kindly check out my webpage www.maryannbernal.com. Thank you and Happy Holidays.

                                                Jackie Rehn Barreau
                                                My first book is a collection of poems and quotes on #childloss #stillbirth #inspiring #grief #loss my author page is: www.facebook.com/lovehopeandcourage available in print and ebook via Amazon at: http://amzn.to/148faYi

                                                    The world shattered more than 1600 years ago in the great cataclysm known as ‘the Sundering’. Only a remnant of civilization survives, eking out a living on fragments of land orbiting the local star. Three disparate groups of heroes must now stave off monsters, demons, political and magical forces that all want to finish the destruction of Loar.

                                                    In his authorial debut, Ernie Laurence, Jr. presents the first in a four book series called “The Islands of Loar”.

                                                    Check out my author page for purchase details:

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