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Welcome Indie Book Readers and Authors!

This blog is dedicated to independent authors, small press indies, and indie bookstores. Help us spread the word about indie books and be among the first to discover the best indie publishing has to offer. In the recording industry, indie is in and the major labels are out. In the film industry, indie movies are some of the most celebrated and talked about. In the years to come, the same will be true for indie publishing. There are over a million indie authors, and their voices deserve a platform for success. We aim to provide a part of this platform for success, or at the very least a unique forum for indie voices.

I've recently moved my personal blog, Robert Stanek's Books and Things, to Blogspot as well. You'll find it at The success of this blog is dependent upon you, the writer and your participation. Followers and subscribers will help this blog grow as well.
The goals I had when I started Go Indie back in 2007 were to provide a forum for independent authors, small press indies, and indie bookstores. I hoped to provide a site for featuring not only books but the people behind the books: authors, publishers, and booksellers.

Readers, let's face it, there are so many books available and it's hard to find ones you might be interested in. For this reason, I hope to have new features regularly to help you find books that matter to you personally or at the very least point you toward books you may be interested in.