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Featured Author: Kimberly LaRocca

Kimberly LaRocca, author of A Black Girl’s Poetry for the World,”  hangs out online via Twitter and Facebook. Kimberlys Page, as her personal blog is known, is updated regularly with samples of her sometimes wistful, often thought-provoking poetry.

Kim knows all about life’s challenges, standing tall and staying proud, no matter what. She didn’t allow her pregnancy at age 17 to define her. Instead, she focused on completing school and being a mother, not only graduating high school but continuing on to earn a bachelor’s degree. On life and hardship, Kim says, “I believe in karma, and my approach to life is straightforward yet powerful: I treat others the way I want to be treated. I could have let myself be defined by what others think [but] I refused to stop believing in myself.”

Kim says she ‘tells it like it is’ and isn't afraid to bare her soul in her poetry--and indeed she does. “[It's] empowering,” Kim says, and goes on to say, “Poetry is beautiful because no one can deny your words, thoughts, dreams, and fears.”

Her passion for poetry shines through most clearly in her verse and in this sample poem:

“Poetry Lives Here”
A door has opened for me.
Inside that room lives poetry.

It invites me in,
Says take a seat,
And offers me its words to eat.

It embraces me.
Then takes my coat.
Then sings to me
In special notes.
It comforts me.
Says stay awhile.
Encourages me
With its warm smile.

It offers me a place to stay.
And says Please come back any day.
I am your friend,
It says to me.
I open up.
It sets me free.
Anyone with a poetry-loving heart cant help but be moved. More on Kims poetry in an upcoming feature on her book. For now, if you like thoughtful, moving poetry, I hope you'll take a look at A Black Girl’s Poetry for the World.