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Tears by Caroline Gebbie
Genre: Horror

Following a brutal attack by six boys Lola withdraws into her own world. That is until the boys start to die in the most horrible ways. Who is taking revenge? Her special forces father who could tear them apart with his bare hands. The local pedophile who enjoys young boys and likes to play rough? The father of the last girl they raped or is something ancient and evil prowling the town looking for revenge?

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Author Twitter handle: @CarolineGebbie

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Product DetailsEdge of End by Suren Hakobyan
Genre: Horror / Paranormal

Jonathan wakes up in a desert, his past wiped from his head. He’s alone having no clue who and what he is, where he has come from and where he should go. There is only one way – forward when he spots a little town in the distance.
Author Twitter handle: @surenfant

Product DetailsDark Legends by Aaron Scott
Genre: Horror

Author Twitter handle: @aaronscott71

Product DetailsKilling the Dead by Richard Murray
Genre : Horror/Post-Apocalyptic

When a young woman knocks on Ryan's door everything changes. The dead are rising and he has to face the facts. His days as a quiet serial killer in the north of England are at an end. He has to work with others to survive and for the first time he can experience the thrill of killing the dead as well as the living.

Author Twitter Handle : Richard@rhayn4

Product DetailsZombie Flood by Victoria Champion
Book Genre: Horror, Science Fiction>Post-Apocalyptic

The accidental release of a contagion into the waters of a swamp combine with a previous toxic spill, and a new contagion is formed. The poisonous chemical transforms the creatures of the swamp and the citizens of a local small town into undead mutants.

Product DetailsInterview with the Zombie by Emily Asimov
Genre: Horror

The true confessions of a zombie. Recounting the years of his life, the zombie tells a hauntingly beautiful story full of startling revelations, danger and death, heart and hunger. This is a story of how the zombie came to be. A story of his eternal life and the curse of that life. A story that powerfully conveys the depth of fear and horror, the ineradicable spirit of conflict, the raw and vivid nature of the beast that lives within us all.
Author Twitter handle: @EmilyAsimov

Product DetailsDemon Frenzy by Harvey Click
Genre: Horror

Searching for her lost brother, Amy Jackson returns to her isolated hometown in the Appalachian Mountains. But Blackwood has changed. Now it’s run by a mysterious drug lord who has something more lethal than guns to protect him. He has demons—more vicious, venomous demons than even Hieronymus Bosch ever dreamed of—and after Amy witnesses an unspeakable atrocity he unleashes all the frenzied furies of hell against her.

Product DetailsSo Damn Beautiful by A.E. Hodge
Genre: Crime Thriller/Horror

When single mother Meredith sleeps with an attractive young intern named Christian Morgan, she thinks it's just a one night stand. But Christian has much bigger plans. Soon Meredith finds herself on a desperate one-woman quest to rescue her kidnapped son from her spurned former lover.

Author Twitter handle: @FictionFugitive

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