Final Word!

Running Go Indies and Read Indies has been a labor of love, which I devoted hundreds of hours to since I started these initiatives in 2007. Although I've supported and featured countless authors and books through Go Indie and Read Indies initiatives, the support was rarely reciprocated and it was always a scant few who pulled the weight of the many. The few know who they are and how much I appreciated their assistance over the years. Now though, it's time for me to shift gears and focus on other initiatives, including Indie Plus and my own writing. As a result, I won't be hosting future Big Read for the Holidays, Summer of Indie events and other activities. I also will be spending less time supporting related groups and activities, and will increasingly be handing over the reigns to the team of authors I've selected to help manage this blog and related services.

Over the years, I met many wonderful authors and read many terrific books. It's been a positive experience over all and I enjoyed giving back to the books and reading communities.

Indie authors have come a long way since the dark early days. When I decided to go indie back in 2001, there wasn't much of an indie scene and there wasn't much support for indies in general. Although there's still much work to do, much has changed. The marketplace has changed too and there's now a place for indies alongside the traditional. That alone is a remarkable achievement.

As I focus on my writing, I am reorganizing my body of works. I will continue to write fiction for adults and children as Robert Stanek. I will continue to write technical works as William Stanek. My collections and learning books will continue to be released under William Robert Stanek. Thanks for being a part of Read Indies.


  1. You've done a wonderful job and been a tremendous support to indie authors. Wishing you the best in your future endeavors!

  2. Your kind words are appreciated, Chicki! Thank you!