IndieBoards are integrated into ReadIndies at Readers and writers are welcome to create accounts and join the discussion. The rules are simple: no personal attacks, no in-fighting, no cursing, no antagonizing, no posting anything that would make anyone’s grandmother blush. (Access IndieBoards outside of ReadIndies by opening a new tab and typing the following:

What is IndieBoards?
IndieBoards is a gathering place for writers and readers. In the early days of the web, Robert Stanek created Writer’s Gallery, Internet Daily News and Internet Job Center -- destination websites that were places writers and readers could find news, resources, discussion, and more. The goal of IndieBoards is to try to bring back some of the magic of those early sites and to create a community around books and authors.

Hangouts for readers and writers at IndieBoards include:

Readers’ Corner is a destination for readers who wants to discuss books and related subjects. Writers are welcome to join the discussion, though any discussion of one’s own works should be limited to the pinned threads.

Writers’ Corner is a hangout for writers to talk about writing and related subjects. Readers are welcome to join the discussion.

Within Gadget Central, you’ll find the Nook Daily, Kindle Daily and iPad Daily forums for discussing issues related to the specified e-reader.

Meet the Authors is a place for authors to create a page dedicated to their writing including any books they’ve published or are working on. The page can be personalized any way the authors wants.

Hot Reads is a destination for readers to learn about new and forthcoming books. Writers may announce books in this forum, provided the books were published within the previous 60 days or are available for pre-order.

Feed Your Reader is a place for readers to learn about free and discounted books. Writers may announce discounted and free books here while ensuring to include the book title in the subject and providing complete details regarding the special offer.

Klub Indie is a destination for creating book clubs. Readers are welcome to create clubs for favorite authors and books. Authors are welcome to start their own clubs. Use “Book Club for XYZ” or “XYZ Book Club” as the subject.

Book & Author Gallery is a gallery for books allowing readers to quickly find books of interest by cover and authors to easily add books to the gallery.

Help IndieBoards grow by joining and participating!

Thank you,

Robert Stanek

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