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Air War: Combat Crew. Based on the Inspiring True Story 
by Robert Stanek

The true story of the Air War and the Combat Crew. You’ll never look at the skies over your head the same again. "Candid and fast-paced like the best combat memoirs, Stanek focuses on the men and women he flew with, telling their stories as well as his own and creating what is ultimately an inspiring and uplifting story of the human spirit challenged by the agony and terror of war. Based on the inspiring true story."

Originally released as Stormjammers, this new edition of the popular memoir for a new generation of readers provides the true story of the combat crew: the men and women who flew dangerous combat and combat support missions during the largest air war of the 20th century. Includes a new forward, additional notes and many extras. 

"The book quickly becomes hard to put down. Even though the reader can anticipate what a mission will be like, the tedium gives over to an adrenalin rush of anticipation when things begin to happen. It is impossible not to share the relief and pride of the individual crew members..." --The Journal of Electronic Defense

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Building Blocks for Effective Writing: 6 Keys to Success

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a more effective writer? In Building Blocks for Effective Writing, the #1 bestselling authors behind Team Indies share their insights and experience on what it takes to be a more effective writer. 

In this clear, concise, no-nonsense guide, Team Indies takes your hand and leads you step-by-step through the same process that has helped them and hundreds of authors like them stay on task, complete work they start and become effective writers. 

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Writing Well: Avoiding Last-minute Gotchas in Your Writing

The Kindle self-publishing revolution is here! Are you in? Writing Well: Avoiding Last-minute Gotchas reveals the proven approach that many bestselling authors are using to make their writing better and avoid last-minute gotchas that frustrate readers. 

This guide is for aspiring authors and established pros alike who want to get self-publishing right and make their work sing. Are you ready to explore the steps you should take to proof your work after editing? 

Don’t click Publish without reading this book.

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The Decision Maker's Guide To Senior Care & Assisted Living

by Dee Abbott

If you are contemplating this book then it is safe to presume you have at least accepted either your own mortality, or that of someone close to you. You, or someone you love and care about, are getting old. Whoever it is will be in need of assistance sooner, or later, maybe even right now and that is a scary thing for all of us to deal with. But it won’t go away and it won’t get ‘better’, so the sooner it is faced and dealt with, the better.

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Breaking Big: How Bestseller Lists Work & How Successful Authors Get on Them

Are you struggling to grow your writing career? Are you tired of wondering what exactly it means to be a bestseller or to have a bestseller? 

No matter what your definition of success is, each one of us out there has dreamed of being a bestselling author. 

Success of this magnitude doesn't have to continue to be a dream. It can be a reality. 

To become a bestseller, however, you must understand the business of publishing. You must learn what "bestseller" means and how "bestseller lists" work. You must learn how other authors are climbing onto bestseller lists. When you become a bestselling author, you must know how to properly state this in your marketing materials and on your book covers. 

No matter your writing level or ability, whether you feel like you have no chance of success - know that by being informed about these important issues and simply understanding how all this works, you will be better prepared for success and to claim your bestseller status when it happens.

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