Summer of Indie Takes A Look At The Town of "Yardrof" With Gion B. Tahunka

Fans of science fiction will be interested in Summer of Indie's next guest author, Gion B. Tahunka. Gion is a poet and writer who is infatuated with the arts, as well as computers and science related research, and by combining all of those interests, he has crafted the novel Yardrof.


YardrofThe story Yardrof is shared in development with a center, which is Randall Kazamp who has become as one who is destined or ultimately resigned to picking up the bits and pieces of knowledge dropped or dropped down by his father--a scientist of the environmentalist type named Peter Kazamp. Randall has a mind of his own though, with his being experimentation in the realm of technology, but with his father's being experimentation in the realm of ecology. Although not purely intentional, Randall manages to merge the two realms. The reason that, that improbable success occurred for Randall, as handed he succeeds, is never really answered in the story--as there are multiple possibilities in terms of aspects within the story as well as within the subject of life. And with the read content in mind along the way, the presentation is intended to align with the reader who is recognizing many of the possibilities and/or aspects that are commonly known to carry significant weight or simply are weighed towards or within accepted knowledge--and at end recently joined with them, but not outside of the vastness, results with an acceptance of perhaps no less than one more.

When it comes right down to it, the known universe is equally as big or mysterious or capable as any act occurring in it, as they go clasp in clasp would likely be the guess or so it would seem--while on their way. But Randall Kazamp, at his age in this story hasn't even completely developed a guess--as he is still a boy. Randall, though, is different than any other boy; but, yet, he is quite the same--and just like the Universe, they specifically are all growing-up, which is also the theme of the book Yardrof.

From the Kazamp backyard, where Randall Kazamp helps his father, Peter Kazamp--a scientist, tend his goldenrain trees, to Randall's help as 'the breaking molds' by his entrance into a rather hushed radar telescope site located in his hometown, and then off in scope to a parallel world that Randall helps bring into focus in one apparent mode that results with an official glimpse--might all be described as strange in this story. But following his helpful acts, Randall strangely, though naturally his best, helpfully helps himself to his very own--his mind that's on course to being a man's.

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