Summer of Indie Meets Tom Hobbs

Our next guest author, Tom Hobbs, is an independent author who also runs the website www.kindlemojo.com, which promotes independent authors. He recently has released three novels, all of which are novelized versions of screenplays he has written by the same titles. Summer of Indie talked with Tom Hobbs about his novels, The Blue Goose, Trauma Junkie, and Twilight on the Amber Cliffs.

The Blue Goose:

A USAF Security Forces Novel.

In 1981 the hostages in Iran had been released, the Russians were the bad guys, Reagan was the commander and chief, and the DM to Dollar exchange rate was peaking at an all time high since World War II.

The Blue Goose


The free world was in turmoil, and needed someone
to secure it. At least according to the Lieutenant.

Spicher Air Force Base was located in a rural
section of Central Germany known as the Eiffel
Mountains. It was up to Sergeant Anthony Harris
and the rest of the USAF Security Policemen assigned to the 44th Squadron, Delta Flight to make sure that the world stayed free, or that at least their small corner of it did.

“Gentlemen, war is hell, even in peacetime.”

The Lieutenant had actually once said that to the
flight during guardmount, and he meant it.


Trauma Junkie:

What happens when a suicidal paramedic falls in love with an ambulance-chasing reporter?
Brian is going through a rough patch in his life. His wife, Amber, has divorced him and is remarrying a rich wall streethedge fund manager. His boss hates him, his partner tolerates him, and he likes to stand on the ledge ten stories up, bottle in hand.
Four years ago his infant son passed away in his crib sending his life into a tail spin.
All he has left is saving lives, and saving them on his terms. That's not enough.
Enter Brooklyn, a fiery red headed stringer, who works the overnight selling video and stills to the New York media and she's had a long standing crush on Brian.
She's out to prove that a paramedic isn't the only one who can save a life.

Twilight on the Amber Cliffs

Twilight on the Amber Cliffs


Brandon is a small town cowboy turned New York City reporter. Hope never left the small town. 25 years ago they fell in love in high school. Only one problem, she was the daughter of the Mormon Bishop and he the outsider who happened to be Catholic... and in 1977 rural Utah that mattered . In 2006 he is returning to Utah for the funeral of his best friend - who married Hope.

About Tom Hobbs
Image of Tom HobbsTom Hobbs Grew up in the National Park Service living in places like the Grand Canyon, Acadia, and Mesa Verde. After High School he joined the US Air Force where he served in Wyoming, Germany, and New Mexico. He graduated from the University of New Mexico with a degree in Creative Writing and Photography and went to work in film as a Director of Photography while writing screenplays on the side.

Tom moved with his wife, Robin, and their children Rush, Ari, Chris, and Nadia from San Diego to New York City just four days before 911. After that he went to work as an EMT and later on as a Paramedic. He currently works as a freelance Social Media Marketer in Brooklyn. He writes in his spare time.

Tom runs the website www.kindlemojo.com that promotes Independent Authors.

You can contact Tom Hobbs at: tom@kindlemojo.com. Comments are always welcome.

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