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Nadina Boun – A Poet At Heart

Put a poet in war and he becomes a warrior poet, or does he? Hmm… A philosophical question Nadina Boun might enjoy pondering. Sort of like her recent musings on Vulcan Wisdom on her blog where she quotes Mr. Spock from Star Trek.

Hard to argue with Vulcan Logic though: “Evil seeks to maintain power by suppressing the truth, or by misleading the innocent.” “It has always been easier to destroy than to create.”

Nadina Boun is a writer and poet with an internet and multimedia design certificate from UNLV. She hangs out online on Facebook at and on Twitter at (!/nadinaboun). She has been writing for more than 12 years in many genres including poetry, short stories, and fiction. Her first print publication was "The Thinking Man, Paralysis by Analysis," a short satire read written in the Elizabethan style.

Nadina began writing poetry when she was 14. “It was my own expression before shifting into drawing, then into short stories and fiction back in 2000,” Nadina said of her writing. “Since then, I continued with poetry, short stories, and [a few] novels that I plan to finish now that I am serious about publishing.”

Her book, "A Heartstorm," is a collection of poetry written in rhymed verse. The 68 poems are divided into three categories: love poems, dark poems and inspirational poems.

Earth and Venus” is a short story that Nadina wrote in 2005. “The story is about love and desire between the planets,” Nadina said.” It was a new idea and a challenge at the time to see how it [would turn out] and I recently re-edited the work.”

[Excerpt] “Back at the beginning of time, when space was the only stretching void present in the universe, two planets came into collision. Venus, a high tempered planet, evaded the gaseous Jupiter so as not to expose its atmospheric conditions to possible explosive contact, and came crashing into Earth’s atmosphere. Earth, a rocky surface submerged by water, lost to the void of the universe before exploration of the human species came into existence, shook at the impact of such a shock.
Upon radar interception, the two planets requested communication in order to establish a mutual transfer of identifying data. This cosmic dance, bringing these two particles together in the universe, caused a great disturbance to space. Venus, humbly granted permission to the planet that grants all others’ permissions: Earth, soon to become the most inhabited planet in the universe. Interception was crystal as both began interchanging valuable information.”

"The Four Letters of Love" is a collection of poems, quotes and stories, all dedicated to the theme of Love. "The Four letters of Love is made to inspire,” Nadina said. “Love is not just about the way you feel for a lover, love includes loving one’s self, family, friends, surroundings and yes the creator. I suppose it also could be seen as a poetic attempt to satisfy our desperate need to believe in something called love."

Thanks for reading! Hope you'll check out Nadina's books.

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