Summer of Indie is ahead. I will promote it all summer long and the authors in it -- if everyone in turn promotes Summer of Indie. I've tentatively hired someone to work on the program the ENTIRE summer as a *paid* job.

Everyone who has signed up for summer of indie OR asked to be featured at Read Indies (about 100 people so far) will be featured all summer long on a rotating and repeat basis.

Your participation will determine how much or how little additional. How can you support Summer of Indie?

1) Periodically post about Summer of Indie on your page, site, blog and ask people to follow the BLOG. I will watch number of followers and hope to see this grow considerably. The blog link is: http://readindies.blogspot.com/.

2) Tweet about #SummerofIndie, #ReadIndies and #GoIndie periodically. I will watch tweets and hope to see this grow considerably. Some tweets you may want to use:

#SummerOfIndie #ahead #AmIn Are You In? http://t.co/qwPzdj6K via @RobertStanek

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I LOVE @RobertStanek. He's the best and the guru behind #SummerOfIndie

(Okay that 3rd tweet I added just to see you grin, it's not real, unless you really like it :-)

3) Ask people to join Go Indie. Post about Go Indie on your page, blog, site periodically I will watch group membership and hope to see it grow.

4) Thank you -- I think it's going to be fun. AND if you schedule/automate all this periodically from now until Sept 1 or whatever, you can sit back, relax and let us promote you (if you joined, that is).


Robert Stanek



Summer of Indie is just ahead, featuring some of the best and brightest stars of today's indie scene and many fresh new voices.

I'm Robert Stanek, and I'm IN, and here are 25 other indie authors who also are in:

A.D. Duling
Ashley Fontainne
Brian Bigelow

C. M. Barrett
Carolyn Arnold

Chicki Brown
Doreen McGettigan

Erik Gustafson
Jerry Last

Leigh M. Lane
Linda Leander

Lisa Bilbrey
Lynne Cantwell
Melissa Pearl
Michele Richard
Michelle Hughes
Nadia Scrieva
Nicole Storey
Rachel Hunter
Sharon Cooper
Staci Stallings
Suzie Welker
Tracy James Jones
Valerie Douglas

Are you IN?

So what's Summer of Indie about?

Summer of Indie is a FREE event. I'm donating my time to support it. Summer of Indie is a celebration of the indie author and the indie book. It's all about recognizing indie authors and celebrating their books.

You can support Summer of Indie by following this blog, encouraging others to follow and tweeting. Tweet, Tweet, Tweet...

#Readers, once you #GOIndie, you get Great #Books, Better Prices! #FB: http://t.co/L4JndVk0 #Blog: http://t.co/Wm8eI7ay via @RobertStanek

#SummerOfIndie #ahead #AmIn Are You In? http://readindies.blogspot.com via @RobertStanek #books #authors