Summer of Indie Talks With C. M. Barrett

Today Summer of Indie talked with writer C. M. Barrett. Barrett talked with us about two of her books, one of which is a very interesting take on the fantasy genre and the other a more realistic fictional novel.

Image of C. M. Barrett

When asked to briefly describe herself, C. M. Barrett said, " I love dragons and cats and putting fictional humans in crises where they have to redefine who they are in order to triumph."

The plots of the two pieces author C. M. Barrett chose to share with us today are very closely related to the interests C. M. Barrett expressed.

BIG DRAGONS DON'T CRY - A Dragon's Guide to Destiny: Book I
Her first book that she wished to share with us is titled Big Dragons Don't Cry, and she included this synopsis:

A cunning opportunist incites the people of Oasis to kill the local dragon because he wants Druid's swamp for suburban housing. The dragonslayer also intends to take over the government. Unless the dragon joins a kitten with attitude and a human with unlawful psychic gifts, Oasis is finished.

Product DetailsThe second book that C. M. Barrett discussed with us was Gone to Flowers.

When asked about the book, we were given the following synopsis:
In 1968 a band of young people form a commune. Though none of them avoid the entanglement of romantic complications, they are determined to learn new ways of loving. A disturbed and seductive teenager who becomes the snake in their fragile Eden disrupts their attempts to create a family.

Links to all of C. M. Barrett's books can be found on her Amazon Author Page:
As well as her website: http://www.adragonsguide.com
You can also find C. M. Barrett at her Facebook page or her blog:


  1. Well, C.M., since I love dragons this is a must read. You hooked me with the title. Love it and certainly enjoy the entire concept of your book.

    Glad to meet you on SUMMER OF INDIE.

    Keep up the great work.

    Hugs and best - Betty Dravis

  2. P.S. I tweeted this and pushed all the LIKE buttons I could find. Hope everyone else follows through... :-)

  3. Me so baaaaaaaaaad. Forgot to say I bought it and posted it on my FB Timeline too... Can't wait to read it for myself and then to grandkiddies Devon and Melissa. Fun times ahead...

  4. Well, here I am again! I have started your book and it isn't right for my toddler grandkids... The plot is too complex and too many characters, so I don't know yet what your target audience is. Good reading, though.

    I'll try to review it when my loooooong queue goes down, if it ever does.

    Best - Betty Dravis