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Summer of Indie Meets Corey A. Burkes

Today's Summer of Indie talked with author Corey A. Burkes. Burkes recently re-released his thriller novel Butta' this year, and he is here with Summer of Indie to give us the scoop on the next book in the series:
Butta': Worldwide.

Butta': Worldwide

Butta’:Worldwide, the next thrilling episode of the series takes place right after the hit original story (Butta’–exclusively on

Butta’, Munch, Kasey and Trigger are back in pursuit of the last, and largest, of the Stein diamonds—taking them to the farthest reaches of the world to claim what Butta’ rightfully believed belonged to her. Unbeknownst to them, a bigger, elaborate scheme is in motion, guided by people with vast power that require the priceless gem to complete an incredible weapon—developed by the troubled Professor Wyman Fowler, whom struggles with his conscience and takes matters into his own hands to prevent global warfare. All the while, Inspector Ellen Cobart and Detective Frank Tulley hunt Butta’ and her thieves by order of Diandra Stein—daughter of the slain Lingo Stein—just as a new, mysterious player named Marigold enters the game with an agenda of her own. When Fowler tips the balance of power by hiding the diamond, his actions put an innocent little girl in the cross-hairs of anyonestanding in their way.

Free sample chapter available here:

Summer of Indie interviewed author Corey A. Burkes and asked him more about his work. Burkes has written many books, but he also enjoys telling stories through other media, such as short films, under his company Desktop Epics. We found out that:

"Author Corey A. Burkes is known for his intensive storytelling and emotionally connected, page-turning style of writing that builds suspense and thrills straight through to the end of the novel. He has received great reviews for the first Butta’ novel when it was first released in 2007 and they continued in the re-release in 2012 as an eBook. His short suspense horror story, Scratch, has also received stellar reviews for his ability to bring the suspense to each reader personally. Burkes is a new and rapidly growing, smart and original storyteller of 2012 and for years to come. He is the owner of DesktopEpics Entertainment, where he develops short films, short motion comic animations and other means to tell stories including audio theater."

You can find author Corey A. Burkes online at:

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