Summer of Indie Talks With Emeka O. Godwin

Summer of Indie's latest guest author is Emeka O. Godwin, a Pastor with the Redeemed Christian Church in Worcester Massachusetts. Although Emeka's book tells the tale of a pastor, Diary of An Angry Pastor is a fictional story. Interestingly, Emeka O. Godwin told Summer of Indie that a significant challenge while writing this book was "the fine line I had to walk as a Pastor to keep this book clean while keeping it real."

Diary of An Angry Pastor

Cover for 'Diary of an angry pastor'When you learn that one of your prominent deacons is having series of affairs,

When you have a gay activist threatening to stage a protest in front of your church,

When your richest parishioner decides to stop paying his tithe to your church,

And when a fight breaks out in your church and shots are fired…

Naturally, you become an angry pastor.

Diary of an Angry Pastor is a humorous story of a pastor who wanted to transform the little black church he inherited from his father into a multi-racial, mega church. After so many challenges, this pastor realizes that leading a church was not going to be as easy as he had envisioned.


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