Robert Stanek -- Thank you Chicki Brown, Carole Gill, Brian Bigelow, and Tammie Gibbs!

After a brief hiatus, Summer of Indie continues. I was off working through the wee hours to finish up two new books for my publisher: Windows 8 Pocket Consultant and Windows Server 2012 Pocket Consultant. It was a down- to-the-wire finish on the final review to update the books for the Release version of these new operating systems.

As I get back to Summer of Indie, I want to thank Chicki Brown, Carole Gill, Brian Bigelow, and Tammie Gibbs for continuing to be Summer of Indie's BIGGEST supporters.
This BIG event wouldn't be possible without such great support!

Have you read their blogs yet? All worth a read I think:

My official Robert Stanek blog is here: http://robertstanek.blogspot.com/. If you want to read that too... :-)


Thanks everyone!


  1. Thanks for sharing these awesome resources! Congrats on completing your books.

  2. Thank you for the shoutout, Robert! Sorry I missed the last two days, but we're on vacation. :)

  3. You're welcome, Chicki! Hope you're having a fantastic vacation!