Summer of Indie is "Windswept" With Author Yezall Strongheart

Today Summer of Indie interviewed author Yezall Strongheart, author of fantasy-romance novel, Windswept-War of the Elements.

Windswept-War of the Elements.

Zylena is a girl who controls the wind but her life is hardly her own. Leaving her small village, she travels with her Element Mate to the city of Tivolty seeking her father. The trip is...eventful. She is given into the care of an assassin to protect her from slavery. That's only the beginning... She learns how to use her gift with the tutoring of the dashing assassin.  Who will she choose in the end?

A colorful tale of romance, fantasy, and adventure, it has something for even the most discerning reader.

When Summer of Indie asked author Yezall Strongheart to tell us about herself and her inspirations for writing, she told us that:
  "My muse strikes me in the strangest places. I find myself searching for something to write an idea on at the strangest times. Other times, she dismisses me for days, even weeks at a time.
        I love the fantasy genre because it entails so many things. It’s fun to spice it up a little as well. There should be something for everyone who reads my books.
I live in the country of Texas with my inspiration, and our three furry babies, Princess Lily, Oscar, and MonkeyBoy." 

After hearing more about her, we asked author Yezall Strongheart a few follow up questions:

        Q: What motivates you the most when you are writing?
    A: It’s always about the book; the added benefit is the money.  I have given my books away for years, now it’s time to sell a few.

Q: What the best advice for the unpublished, just getting started?
A: Write some short stories; join several of the author sites available, BookRix, GoodReads, etc.  Participate and get some reviews, give some reviews.  Learn how to form a sentence properly!

Q: Out of all your stories, which character would you like to be?
A: My passion always lies with the one I’m working on.  It involves an elf girl and man/wolf.  The story is not run of the mill.  I find it exciting to be her!  In order to write about her I have to “wear her shoes.” (Coming Soon: Lair of the Lycanthrope)

Q: Do you write in other genres?
A: Yes for published ones, I have written 2 erotica titles and a mild horror, they are short stories.  I have written countless others that have never seen the light of day and some were just posted to author sites.   

     You can find author Yezall Strongheart online at:

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