Summer of Indie Finds "The Maze's Amulet" With Kristopher Miller

Summer of Indie spoke with Kristopher Miller, author of The Maze's amulet, a paranormal fantasy that strays away from the typical character archetypes and plot setups found in many paranormal fantasy novels. Instead, The Maze's Amulet is a drama that focuses on dynamic characters whose intentions are neither truly good or evil.
The Maze's Amulet
The Maze's AmuletThe Maze’s Amulet is a paranormal fantasy novel that does away from familiar elements such as vampire-style romance and instead goes with a more in-depth character drama set in a world where there are light witches, dark witches, and non-witches, but no one is truly good and evil and everyone is trying to find a way to live their lives after a massive magic-based war. 
Sometimes life passes by so quickly, that when someone is dying alone, death seems too far away. For Elza, who has seen better days, death does not seem to come fast enough. Running a protective charm shop, named The Magick Maze, in the most dangerous area of town is the least of her worries, for she also has to deal with a terminal magical illness.
 Every time she casts a spell, a necessity for any witch, she experiences severe pain that can only be alleviated by a green amulet hanging around her neck. She is also haunted by her past as a soldier, a past that forever changed her life and cursed her with the sickness that is slowly killing her as the years go by.

But one day, a boy on probation named Noah, is sent to work in her shop. Noah's about like any other punk dark witch kid she's encountered: lost, angry, and close to being imprisoned or worse in a society where dark witches are distrusted and jailed in favor of looking at light witches as the “good” of society. But Noah practices a special magical art that makes objects transform into other objects and dance to its creators' command. He is also practicing this art for an upcoming magic contest. Elza harbors nostalgia for this art and she decides to help him. Elza and Noah must learn to trust each other in order for Elza to keep hold to her will to live and for Noah to go to a dark path on the streets.
But a powerful mobster named Stephen Triplette, who is slowly controlling the city, wants control of the Magick Maze. Elza defies his offer of turning her shop into part of his criminal empire. Elza and Noah are forced to face the dark forces that will go out of their way to threaten and kill them in order to take over the shop and their lives. Triplette’s minions and other dark magical methods may be the end to Elza and Noah, unless they can find a way to face the evil and repel it back with whatever will and talent they possess.
The Maze’s Amulet is a paranormal fantasy drama that does not use vampires, werewolves, or exotic bounty hunter-style heroine tropes used in other works. It instead is a story about an old dying woman and a young headstrong boy, both who possess dark magical abilities but find that by using them to create art, they form a mutual interest and a bond with each other. Featuring drama, action, and suspense, The Maze’s Amulet goes out of its way to show that it is not your average paranormal fantasy novel.
Kristopher Miller is currently completing his Masters degree in technical communication, but he can recall his first short story being written as a first grader, which involved a planet-eating frog getting blasted back by a spaceship. And of course, he’s also dabbled in some random fan fiction as well as original content. Since then, he has had short stories, poems, and some writing tips and advice featured on Writing Raw and Down in the Dirt. Recently, he released his debut novella, The Maze’s Amulet, a paranormal fantasy drama about a dying woman trying to help a boy master a special magical art. He is currently working on a sequel to the novella, as well as the poetry anthology Poisoned Romance and a soon-to-be-titled short story anthology.
Miller is a 2009 graduate of Peru State College. While he was there, he published material in both Peru State College’s Sifting Sands 2008 and Tenth Street Miscellany 2009. He also has several articles featured in Adventure Classic Gaming and Helium. Miller was also recently featured on Jess C. Scott’s blog. He is also a member of the Nebraska Writer’s Guild since 2009.
When he is not working on his latest writing projects and completing his degree, he is swimming, performing public speaking, practicing calligraphy, and sketching.
You can find author Kristopher Miller online at::
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