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Summer of Indie Goes "Between Worlds" With Sarah J. Cota

Sarah J. Cota's Between Worlds series tells the story of spirits given human bodies in order to protect the Earth from the malevolent doings of spirits bent on its destruction. Summer of Indie spoke with Sarah J Cota about the first two books in the Between Worlds series, The Sisters' Island, and The Realm.


The Sisters' Island:
The Earth is protected by spirits that were given human bodies in order to protect the human race from natural disasters; that are not natural. They are made and are intentional by other spirits who want to destroy Earth and anything that stands in their way. Blair Sinclair is one of those spirits who has to find her twin sister two hundred years later after her human body was killed and then reborn in present day. Along the way other misled spirits and two human friends join her ranks to create their own unique Court. The Bermuda Triangle does exist and everything that you have heard is true. Anything that happens across it does not come out. Ever.



The Realm
A powerful storm is brewing and Salvador is at the heart of it. Blair is determined to save Lisa and everyone on The Sisters' Island including Humult, a hunter who has been after her for two centuries. The only way to survive and to keep the humans safe is to leave Earth and to find answers in The Realm.


Sarah J. Cota is a native of Northern NY, where she currently writes. She has always written stories as long as she can remember. When asked about her inspirations for writing, Sarah J. Cota told Summer of Indie that:

"Writing is the best way to put your dreams and ideas to paper and create something that readers can escape to. I have written prior stories and poems for family and friends through the years. I love to write the unexpected, meaning anything that is not the everyday life or routine. Anything fantasy or paranormal is my genre."


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