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Yes, It is a Problem

So back in 2009 an indie author picked up the nonsense from Rothfuss and friends and started posting hateful reviews of my books and hateful rants on my Facebook pages—under a few dozen accounts before I finally got fed up, called her out and told her to knock it off. She did but in typical fashion she then got her friends involved because she believed that it was her right to harass whoever she wanted to.

One of the same friends, Angela Perry, who had written comments to my Facebook page at that time, came back recently and posted a hateful rant to my blog. The next week she went to Amazon and posted nonsense. A few days later, she went to Goodreads and posted a few hateful reviews.

She then posted nonsense along with links to her reviews and other nonsense to 1) my Robert Stanek facebook page, 2) my William Stanek facebook page, 3) the Reagent Press facebook page AND 4) my personal facebook account.

Clearly by including links to her nonsense, she wanted to me to know what she had done. I ignored all of the above until she started tweeting nonsense directly to my twitter account. When I replied and called her out on using multiple accounts to harass me, she replied with

@robertstanek This is my only account. Not everyone behaves like you do.

@robertstanek Ha! Erm, okay, you call the police and tell them I tweeted you three times. I'll mention your fraud. G'ahead. I'll wait.

Her goal obviously was to twist the truth, get her twitter friends riled up, etc. This is typical of what these people do. Angela Perry is of course a friend of those involved in the twitter nonsense last fall. Two new one star reviews on Goodreads recently from her friends as well and more nonsense elsewhere recently from the same.

Which brings me to the real point of my post: How a few malicious individuals like these cause harm, not just to me but to everyone in the book industry. They try to seem like a majority while in fact being only a few malcontents. Most of these people are other authors--competitors who believe they can do anything they want to harm another author.

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  1. There always has to be those few individuals who like to rain on everyone else's parade. Sure it stings to be the object of such maliciousness, but you're still chugging along and you're still writing and you're still selling books. Bottom line, you're still here and from what I can tell, you aren't going anywhere anytime soon. They can't win. They can only make themselves look bad, particularly since you've called attention to their obvious smear tactics.