Summer of Indie Meets Tracy James Jones

Summer of Indie's featured author for today is former actor and journalism major Tracy James Jones. Jones is a freelance writer and novelist, and is " presently a realistic human-interest writer because I love exploring the dramatic conditions of being human. Flaws and all." Summer of Indie interviewed Jones about two books: Secrets & Lies,  "A contemporary multicultural romance with a twist", and Torn: Sixty Days of Calaboose the story of " a sensitive effeminate male unexpectedly incarcerated in a room full of straight unpredictable men"

Secrets & Lies is an in-depth emotional journey into the private lives of four central characters that unfolds as a provocative multi-cultural modern romance with a twist. 

Secrets, as they are, rarely devastate the national population as a whole. They are more often limited to the individual going on about their lives. That is what this story is about, a group of not-so-ordinary people, all from very different backgrounds, whose secrets and lies leaves a trail of honest deception waiting to upset the rituals of their daily existence. 

Kennedy Jordan is a handsome young man with a secret past and a challenging future that keeps him in the balance between having what he wants versus what others expect of him. 

Camilla Vargas is a beautiful ambitious young woman with big dreams of success that she has planned to obtain by any means possible, and vows to not let anything keep her from it. 

Ulanda Jefferson is a hip outspoken fashionista with a fiery attitude. Armored with sharp-wit and an uncensored tongue, she is more than just a force to be reckoned with. 

Bren Searcy is a grown-up lost in transition, (literally from male to female). There is almost nothing she wouldn’t bear to hang onto the happiness she has finally found. 

In the end, for everyone involved, even the elements of true confessions gets lost in translation as the explicit details of who they are brings the group together in a surprising, yet necessary finale that could change the course of their lives forever…

For those who have already read Secrets & Lies, author Tracy James Jones has also published a sequel: Secrets & Lies 2 - A Family Matter.

The story is also being marketed for film. 

The novel Torn: Sixty Days of Calaboose is a fictional memoir, and a contemporary psychological drama.

“It is said that a mind is a terrible thing to waste…
For some, it is also a very terrifying thing to lose…”

What could possibly go wrong for a sensitive effeminate male unexpectedly incarcerated in a room full of unpredictable strangers? For Adrian Bailey, it was just about everything, and in the midst of fear, lies, prejudice, and madness, he finds more… 

Under false pretenses, Adrian Bailey finds himself arrested and locked up in the local county jail for the first time in his life. Despite all the horror stories he had read or heard of concerning life behind bars, nothing was like the actual experience. Not only was he utterly devastated and confused over the situation he was unjustly thrown into, but also lost at the mercy of whatever actions that could or would be made against him, including prejudice from someone of his own race. As the madness of his experiences take control, Adrian fears his only recourse is to succumb to whatever means necessary to survive. 
The traumatic events that occur thereafter would surpass everything Adrian thought he ever knew about real life. And then he finds what he never expected: an intense three-way interracial love affair that would test every remaining fiber of his mental stability and then some. Worst of all, there wasn’t one thing he could do to stop it. Not one damn thing at all…
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  1. Thanks for the promotion! You made my day!

  2. Intriguing and interesting blog, Tracy. SECRETS AND LIES sounds like a wonderful book. When you say it's being marketed for film exactly what does that mean? We are all putting them out there and I've had some "nibbles" from film companies, but I don't actively market it. I'd love to know what you mean by that. Hmmm...

    Thanks, Robert, for presenting Tracy in such a fine manner. Best of luck with all your writing, my dear Tracy.

    Heart Hugs - Betty Dravis