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Summer of Indie Discusses the "BoogeyMann" With Bennie L. Newsome

Today Summer of Indie talked with Bennie L. Newsome, a writer born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama where they currently reside. When asked for a brief personal description, Newsome replied, " I consider myself to be a unique person full of humor, two qualities that I strive to instill into all of my work." Bennie L. Newsome has stories published in several anthologies (one of which has been nominated for a Pushcart Award), and several other short stories and two novels scheduled to debut in the 2012 calendar year. Summer of Indie talked with Bennie L. Newsome in more detail about their new young adult/horror book, BoogeyMann.


What do you do when time-outs prove to be ineffective, and whippings are practically illegal? How can you attempt to reason with children, who are by nature, unreasonable creatures? When all else fails, take a chapter from Bryan Mann’s playbook: spare the rod, scare the child. 

It’s report card time, and sixteen-year-old, Benjamin Mann, happens to be more stressed than usual. The party of the year is taking place and the girl of his dreams will be in attendance, but there is something preventing him from having the time of his life--poor grades. In order to have a night to remember and avoid the cruel and unusual punishment his father (Bryan Mann) is known for, Benjamin must break one of his father’s commandments. He must tell a lie.  

As if being lied to does not get Mr. Mann’s blood boiling enough, his eleven-year old daughter, Kayla, comes to him and complains about being bullied at school.

Instead of enjoying a night of festivities, Benjamin Mann and his best friend, Darnell Wallace, find themselves stranded in the woods while being pursued by horrors that they thought only existed in legends. Not far from where they tremble in fear, Kayla’s bully--Anthony Jones--attempts to escape the clutches of that very same evil. Is it just a coincidence, or has Mr. Mann’s simple “hiding under the bed” tactics elevated to an all new frightening level. 

You can find author Bennie L. Newsome at their "online haunts":

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