Summer of Indie Talks to Ashley Fontainne

Our next guest is suspense and thriller author Ashley Fontainne, whose greatest joy is making "a reader stay up until their eyes rebel and finally close while reading my books!". Author Ashley Fontainne met with Summer of Indie to talk with us about the gripping first two books in her Eviscerating the Snake Series.

We asked author Ashley Fontainne to tell us about the thrilling revenge story of Accountable to None, and Zero Balance.

Accountable to None:

Accountable to NoneGlorious revenge, the dish known as best served cold. Audra Tanner has waited for five years to invite her unwitting guests to her feast of just desserts and now her dinner party approaches.

Audra was a brilliant CPA that for years, worked the grueling hours her job demanded as she made her way from lowly grunt auditor to a minority partner at a prestigious accounting firm located in the southwest. Her dedication took a tremendous toll on her not only mentally, but physically as well, and culminated the night that she met with the sadistic managing partner, Olin Kemper, to discuss her promotion to equity partner. That night, Audra learned that to become part of the ‘elite’ at Winscott & Associates required much more than she was willing to give. Unfortunately, that knowledge came too late and partnership was granted as a reward for her silence after her violent beating and rape.

Five years later, Audra is now an entirely different creature at work, a shell of her former self that wears the guise of partner during the day yet retreats at night to her hidden self as she plots her revenge on not only her rapist, but all those in power at the firm who knew what Olin had done to her, yet did nothing to stop him, as they were immersed in their own corrupt behaviors. Now head of the IT department and a self-taught hacker, Audra has spent the last five years perusing the firm’s computers, searching and digging through the mounds of encrypted words for anything that she can use to allow her the opportunity to exact revenge on all those responsible for her pain.

What she finds changes the course of not only her life, but everyone else’s as well, as her research leads her to the impending demise of the firm as well as an unsolved murder of a local college girl over thirty three years ago, both which stem from the monstrous hands of Olin. In her climactic confrontation with all the partners, Audra eviscerates all their hidden deceptions as she finally obtains her long awaited revenge and rocks the firm to its core.

Readers who have not read Accountable To None may not want to read on about Zero Balance, as the plot synopsis will contain spoilers for the first book.

Zero Balance:

Zero BalanceNine months ago, I served my own personal brand of punishment on those
that kept their silence when I was raped.

Nine months ago, I was the voice that found justice for a beautiful young life, viciously slain in her prime many years ago, and helped her grieving mother to finally find peace.

Nine months ago, I saw this rapist/killer escorted to jail in handcuffs and now, I reign from his old throne.

Nine months ago, my horrid nightmares were finally quieted after eviscerating the snake’s body and crushing its evil head.

Two weeks before the trial of Olin Kemper was scheduled to begin, the dreams came back. Haunting, disturbing dreams that I can’t escape nor understand.

A week ago, I realized that I didn’t kill the snake; I just wounded it.

And it’s back with a vengeance and after us all.

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